Our Patients are our best advertising!

I came to see Dr. Webb the third week of Aug.
2012. I had been suffering from excruciating pain in my upper left back area. The pain was so
severe, I could only sleep 2-3 hours per night
and only on my right side. After my first
adjustment I received pain relief! I continued
to receive care for the months of September and
October. It turns out an MRI confirmed nerve
root impingement in my cervical spine at C7. I
continued care and after 2.5 months, I am happy
to say that I am pain free, 100% better. I was
able to avoid spine surgery and I am a believer
now in Dr. Webb and Chiropractic care, BIG time!

"The quality of my health has been fabulous
thanks to Dr. Webb. What an improvement! I can
move so much more easily now, and I look forward
to my weekly treatments. I'm getting better and
better." - JZ

"Believe me, I have been to every Chiropractor
in the world, and no one has made me feel as
good as Dr. Webb. My back, hips and neck are in
such super condition. I have absolutely no more
of that nagging, annoying pain." - RT

"Everyone should have a chiropractor like Dr.
Webb in their lives. I came to see her almost
directly from the airplane (from Philadelphia).
Dr. Webb in three visits gave me more, and
better relief than I have had in a very long
time."- JR

"Three weeks ago, I was a mess! I had a chest
cold that wouldn't quit, neck and back pain,
numb fingers and a nasty frame of mind. Thanks
to good advise and great adjustments, I feel
great!"- CH

"Being faced with the decision to have or not
have neck surgery, brought me to Dr. Webb. The
relief of pain to my neck and arm have improved
immensely. THE HECK WITH SURGERY! Back to eating
right and following her suggested nutritional
supplements, Im back to the road of recovery.
Her inspiration and chiropractic techniques are
those of a team coach whose out to make you #1
in a healthy body."- WB

"When I made the first appointment with Dr.
Shelly Webb, I had extreme neck and back pain.
At my age, I have been to many chiropractors and
knew that I did not want electric impulse to
relax my muscles. Dr. Webb evaluated my problems
with x-rays and then used heat to relax my body.
After seven treatments, I have gained over 75%
of the use of my back and neck. Pain is almost
non-existant. I know when she is through with
the treatments I will have no pain."- MS

Dear Dr. Webb,

What can I say, except thanks? Thanks for
helping me believe I can live without pain. I
have suffered with lower back pain since I was
19 years old (I am now 38). Half my life it has
been a battle to stay out of pain. Most of the
time,I was always tolerating some sort of pain.
In the past two years, my low back pain has been
accompanied by chronic stiff necks, side aches
while sleeping and chronic pain in my left hip;
the later for nearly five years. I have seen
Chiropractors off and on since I was a young
man. They would treat me with ultrasound,
electro-stimulation, do a few adjustments and
maybe some massage. I have always gotten relief,
but still suffered with low levels of pain. I
had resigned myself to that prognosis.

Earlier this year, I threw my back out once
again. I began seeing you about 6 weeks ago and
immediately there was something different. You
took a hands-on approach , skipped the
"machinery" and began to go to work. You
performed adjustments on me that I didn't know
existed. You performed two or three different
methods on my neck and midback. You adjusted my
lower back. I was very impressed by your
methods! But then you started working on my
extremities, and did some move on my hips that
has relieved all of the pain in my left hip:
simply eliminating the pain. I am so amazed that
my hip doesn't hurt anymore that I have bragging
about you to whoever will listen. I began to
wonder, is it really going to stay pain free?
Well, six weeks later and I am confident that it
will. My neck, back, side, and of course, hips
are so much improved that I must write and let
you know.

So, thank-you for your hard work! You have more
than earned your money and you have a client for
life. You cannot leave the Castaic/Santa Clarita
area. You are not allowed to move, ever! In all
seriousness, I am very grateful I found you and
took the chance to come and see you. Sincerely,

"For many years I have had back and neck pain
and I had been going to another Chiropractor for
at least 5 months, spent $2000.00 with no change
to my condition. I decided to go see Dr. Webb
and she fixed all my problems back and neck in 2
visits. I can't tell you how happy I am to be
pain free and all thanks to Dr. Webb." Dave